About us


Contact Katya and Elena, we are the owners of the Two'E store. Why Two'E? At first glance, it seems like it's just a nice name: YOUR jewelry, YOUR store. But the meaning is hidden a little deeper. Elena + Ekaterina = 2E, hence the name.

At the beginning of our work, we ordered goods from abroad, but we had to wait a long time for delivery. Therefore, now we have our own production in Ukraine. Now we have everything made in Ukraine. Currently, there are craftsmen who make turnkey engraved jewelry, as well as jewelers who work with silver.

Branded packaging

Two'E jewelry is made from different metals with care and love, depending on the wishes and budget of the client, so that our products are available to everyone. Each product is packed in a branded box, which will be a nice gift for your closest relatives.

In the catalog

Two'E gift certificate

A gift can be not only useful, but also beautiful. Therefore, now you can not worry that you will not guess with the gift, the size of the ring or the color of the product. You have the opportunity to purchase a gift certificate for any amount so that your loved ones can choose their perfect jewelry.